About Purpleframe

To describe us in one sentence would be to say - ‘A custom content creation company that believes in creating engaging content for its customers, from e-learning modules to virtual reality experiences.’ Now, that would be a tad unfair, since it’s hardly the whole story.

We do multimedia, to use an old industry term. We create e-learning modules for the education and higher education industry. We work with corporates to create their internal training programs. Our simulation games and interactive apps augment the industrial, manufacturing and engineering sectors, while our virtual reality solutions allow people to be trained in a risk-free environment.


Our experts

Frank Merritt
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Sessions

Rachel Finglass

Niranjan Nimkar

Yogish Shanbhag
President, TalentQuest India
Mahim Mishra
President, Learning Solutions
Vinod Chithambaran
Head of Sales - APAC

Shrikanth MSP
Financial Advisor - India

Our Core Values

Purpleframe Technologies looks upon its core values to achieve the best, rather to be better than the best. I-CARE is the set of values which enhances Purpleframe to be a global leader. Innovation, Customer Centricity, Accountability, Respect and Empowerment are the inspiration behind I-CARE solution.


  1. • Continous improvement
  2. • Question everything Mindset
  3. • Out of the box

Customer Centricity

  1. • Delighting the customer
  2. • Alignment with customer goals
  3. • Doing business with profitability


  1. • Ownership
  2. • Commitment
  3. • Dependability
  4. • Being responsible


  1. • No race, religion and sex discrimination
  2. • External respect (towards the clients)
  3. • Internal respect (between colleagues)


  1. • Letting others take decisions
  2. • Self decisions
  3. • Helping to execute
  4. • Regardless of outcome, taking a step

Our Awards

Purpleframe was awarded the Client Advisor Award by Creative Growth Group, Atlanta, USA

About Client Advisor Award:

The Client Advisor Awards spotlights professional services firms that intentionally and consistently deliver spectacular client experiences - Advisors of Choice - and it also showcases the Clients of Choice that those firms serve. Since its founding in 2006, the Client Advisor Awards has grown into a national program and a highly coveted recognition amongst top-tier firms and clients.

Purpleframe was awarded a Brandon Hall Gold award in Dec 2012 for Technology in E-learning

About Brandon Hall:

Now entering its 19th year, the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Program is the most prestigious awards program in the industry. Often times called the “Academy Awards” by Learning, Talent and Business Executives, the program was one of the first of its kind in the learning industry, which was pioneered in 1995.

Purpleframe was awarded the Global Learn Tech Award in July 2015 for Best Custom Built Content

About Global Learn Tech Award:

The World Education Congress recognizes quality in achievement for e-learning and content development. These awards are presented at their annual conference, and is selected from several global submissions, gathering the entire e-learning community into one major event.

Our News

SIMTech, a renowned Singapore University, showcased the importance of Connected Productive capabilities, on the event of Singapore National Day. The presentation that SIMTech gave to the delegates was also aired on the national TV. Purpleframe is proud to have designed and delivered the presentation to SIMTech, which was well received.