Multimedia Solutions

Video Production

However simple the need, there is always a want for best quality. We at Purpleframe can boast of this. With a team of highly creative engineers, who have worked on the most challenging requirements, we create high quality out-of-the-box Video solutions. We tailor every individual project, to meet the needs of our clients.

Our in-house team, leveraging on high-end video apparatus, can promise a fast turnaround time, as well as unsurpassed quality.

Our range of Video Production work includes the following :

  •          • Product demos
  •          • Engineering videos
  •          • Infographics videos
Explainer Videos

Before anything else, we seek to understand the user audience and purpose of dissemenating the information. For example, there is a lot of difference between talking to an employee who faces the client as opposed to the employee engaged in design and is deskbound.

Hence, we tailor each module with respect to the audience it faces. This improves the training effectiveness by leaps and bounds. It is this ‘custom content’ philosophy that results in better information retention for the end-users and higher training ROIs for the client organizations.

Post Production

Any industry's best presentations require the best technology and skill sets in Post Production, which completes the idea, the message and the essence. At Purpleframe, we have redefined the standards of Post Production, and ensure the very best of deliveries.

Our Post Production specialties are:

  •          • Rotoscopy
  •          • Color Correction
  •          • Wire Removal
  •          • Tilting
  •          • Green Matte
  •          • Non-Linear Editing